Improve Education

Chuck Hall raised three daughters who attended public school. He knows public schools are the foundation of rural towns, and he believes that our children and grandchildren deserve the best education possible. Chuck will lead the fight to continue investing in our schools and teachers.

• Defend rural schools
• Return to basics like phonics and cursive writing
• Stop the return of common core
• End over-testing of our children
• Ensure education funding gets to the classroom

Protect Our Values

Adopted at birth, Chuck believes in the sanctity of life. He believes in the Christian traditions of our rural communities and will not waver in the face of liberal extremism.

• 100% pro-life
• Defend the Second Amendment
• Fight for state’s rights
• Support our religious liberties
• Restore the Ten Commandments to the state Capitol

Help Rural Taxpayers

As CEO of Exchange Bank, Chuck Hall sees firsthand the needs of families, businesses and farmers. He knows how important it is to them that Oklahoma embrace pro-business policies that encourage job growth and rural economic development.

• Stop benefits to illegal immigrants
• Reduce job-killing regulation
• Oppose tax increases that hurt working folks
• Root out waste, fraud and abuse in Medicaid

Support Our Communities

Chuck has spent his entire adult life volunteering and serving his community and the State of Oklahoma. He has the confidence and trust of those who know him best. You can count on Chuck to support and advance our rural communities.

• Fund roads and bridges
• Protect rural firefighters and water districts
• Stop the big city raid on our resources
• Increase the state’s savings accounts to protect core services
• Improve the delivery of healthcare to rural Oklahoma
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